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Blockchain News & Updates

How Blockchain Is Impacting the Logistics Industry

In May 2017, Deloitte tweeted that 10% of global GDP would be built on top of blockchain applications. This huge and ambitious claim was made because of the transformative nature of the technology and the effect it will have on society. For logistics and transportation, it will have a bigger impact promising to shake up the $8T industry.

What is blockchain?

To put it simply, a blockchain is like a database. It’s a way of storing records of value and transactions. However, calling blockchain a new type of database is like saying email is a new way of sending people letters. While the blockchain is a database, that definition doesn’t explain the true genius behind how the blockchain stores records of value and transactions. We continue our blockchain news coverage of the technology and its impact on the freight markets and society as a whole.

Noi Mahoney Sunday, July 3, 2022

Borderlands: Tribal aims for Latin American SMBs using blockchain, crypto

Borderlands is a weekly rundown of developments in the world of United States-Mexico cross-border trucking and trade. This week: Tribal aims for Latin American SMBs using blockchain and crypto; Nuvocargo starts a service aimed at streamlining invoicing and payments; a Japanese air conditioning manufacturer plans a $230 million plant in Mexico; and Mexican seaports handled 9.8% more loaded containers in Q1.

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