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168幸运飞飞艇开奖结果官网查询-168飞艇官网开奖历史记录-168飞艇官网现场开奖直播 SONAR High-Frequency Supply Chain Data

Market Percent Change *Today’s Value Last value
NTI.USANational Truckload Index 0 $2.23 $2.23
NTIL.USANTI (Linehaul Only) 0.01 $1.58 $1.57
NTIDL.USANTI (Linehaul Daily) -0.04 $1.55 $1.61
OTRI.USAOutbound Tender Rejection Index 0 2.91 2.92
OTVI.USAOutbound Tender Volume Index 0 10063.43 10054.74
Market Percent Change *Today’s Value Last value
MQFWSCTP.USASupply Chain Tech Index 0 $3492.46 $3484.54
Market Percent Change *Today’s Value Last value
IOTI.USAInbound Ocean TEU Index -0.04 99.47 103.5
IOSI.USAInbound Ocean Shipment Index -0.03 124.88 129.12
FBXD.GLBL 0 1399.04 1397.21
FBXD.CNAW 0 1005.25 1005.25
Market Percent Change *Today’s Value Last value
IMOTRI.LAXIntermodal Outbound LA Tender Rejection Rate -0.02 0.42% 0.43%
IMOTRI.CHIIntermodal Outbound CHI Tender Rejection Rate 0 0% 0%
Market Percent Change *Today’s Value Last value
DTS.USADiesel Truckstop Retail Aaverage 0 $4.258 $4.26
ULSDR.USAUltra-Low Sulphur Diesel Rack Price -0.01 $2.958 $3.002

Weekly NTI Update: September 26, 2022


FBX Report: April 17, 2023

The Freightos Baltic Index (FBX) is the world’s leading—and most accurate—index of market rates for 40′ containers.

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SONAR Analyst Reports

Trucking demand visibility is far more important than supply

Many people get hung up on trying to figure out how much capacity is readily available in trucking when they should be more focused on monitoring demand trends.

Volume returning to trucking market, but carriers aren’t feeling it (yet)

There are encouraging signs that demand is returning to the U.S. trucking market, based on high-frequency truckload volume data from FreightWaves SONAR.

High-frequency truckload data suggests the freight market is stabilizing

Early freight data and channel checks would suggest the freight market could be stabilizing and clearer skies are ahead. 

168幸运飞艇官网开奖历史,直播开奖查询结果-168飞艇官方开奖结果直播-幸运飞飞艇168官网开奖历史记录 State of Freight Webinars

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Mexico Borderlands

Borderlands: Production, exports of Mexican-built trucks soar in March

This week in Borderlands: Production and exports of Mexican-built cargo trucks soared in March; Walmart is closing a logistics facility in Fort Worth, Texas; Target announced three distribution centers in Texas; and Maersk opened a global service center in Mexico City.

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A purple-tail FedEx plane lifts off from a runway on a cloudy day.
Multiple tractor-trailers moving on a highway

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The Cost Of Diesel

1分钟极速赛车官方开奖结果|官网开奖历史记录查询-极速赛车168在线开奖网站 Russia's Invasion Of Ukraine

Company Earnings

Bankruptcies and Layoffs


Illinois trucking company’s sudden shutdown leaves team drivers stranded, unpaid

Team drivers for Cromex Inc. of Villa Park, Illinois, say they were stranded for three days in a hotel room, more than 1,000 miles from home, after the owner failed to deliver on his promise to pay drivers and set them up in a new truck.

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Chart of the Week

Chart of the Week

Southern California transportation demand plummets below pre-pandemic levels

Southern California markets were flush with transportation activity during the pandemic. That has eroded and then some. This has not only left transportation networks exposed operationally but also created pricing gaps.

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168幸运飞行艇官网现场开奖直播-168极速赛车开奖记录查询-168飞艇官方开奖结果官网 Net-Zero Carbon


Convoy releases scope 3 emissions reporting to support SEC-proposed rule

“To get ahead of the curve on stringent climate disclosure requirements proposed by the SEC and [the ISSB], shippers need to transition from manual data gathering and estimations of their scope 3 carbon footprint to tools that efficiently and accurately provide emissions reports in real time,” said Convoy Corporate Sustainability Analyst Kiana van Waes.

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U.S. Postal Service electric delivery
Bp pulse fleet EV electric charging infrastructure
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